Fairfax Black Tom Gin


A take on the classic Old Tom Gin, which dates back to prohibition times where a gin was created to become more palatable. A classic citrus gin, with under notes of Juniper, and with the use of local honey whilst distilling it brings a light sweet balance to the punchy flavours. Once distilled the gin is barrel aged in oak, to allow the subtle honey join together with the light vanilla from the oak. A great gin to enjoy classically with an Indian tonic and a nice wheel of lemon!

(Our name “Black Tom” derives from the Nickname for Sir Thomas Fairfax, he had long black hair and rode a white horse, and known as “Black Tom”

The Perfect Serve

Why not try our take on a Tom Collins… In a mixing glass combine 50ml of Black Tom with 25ml of Dry Vermouth & 2 dashes of orange bitters, garnish with a lemon peel, remembering to squeeze the lemon peel over the glass rim to release the oils, sit back and enjoy.